6 Ways You Can Leverage Consumer Psychology To Drive More Sales


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Today’s consumer is very different from 20 years ago. We are now used to online marketing and we see the Internet as part of everyday life. However, we are still driven by the same wants, needs and wants. We are still influenced by factors that help us make a decision. Psychology plays a big role in marketing, although we might not notice it.

Below, we take a look at six ways you can use psychology to drive sales, and you might be surprised at how easy it can be.

New look

People love the unusual. If you have a niche product, you can appeal to the love of novelty that is in all of us. This is a particularly useful method when selling fashion items or marketing a product with a specific appeal. One method of enhancing novelty and attracting customers is to market a “limited edition”. This combines novelty with exclusivity, another lever that drives customers, giving the customer something they consider special and personal.

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The pleasure principle

Pleasure is a natural desire in all of us, and when we feel good about a potential purchase, we are more likely to buy. A customer wants to come away satisfied with their new item or the service you provided, so look for ways to assure them that buying from you will increase their enjoyment. Tell them how it will happen and why, and emphasize how they will feel when they close the deal.

Human contact

Tell the reader a story, a human story that relates to the product or service being offered. Tell them how it has improved someone’s life, how it made them happy, and make it clear that someone, somewhere, has gained a lot by using your services. When we see someone else satisfied and successful, we relate and yearn for that. Push the positives and make them feel real.

Inspire curiosity

A neat and effective way to keep your potential customers interested is to hold onto something. Don’t tell them everything in advance, but instead create a story that leads somewhere. As Five channels reports, consumer psychology is all about playing with “unconscious needs and habits to influence purchasing decisions,” and this has a lot to do with inspiring curiosity. From your home page or landing page, make sure there is something that makes the reader want to click further, and when they do, you can give them the additional information that he needs to close the deal. It’s a great way to drive consumer engagement, and it works with the following point as well.

The great accumulation

Think about big consumer brands and how they handle a product launch. You’ll hear about the new product long before you see it. They enhance anticipation by improving the importance of that product, how it is better than existing or competing models, and why the consumer needs it. Tell your audience that something great is going to happen, make them feel that what you offer will make a big difference in their life. This is how big business sparks a frenzy: witnessing queues for a new version of an Apple product, for example, eager to get their hands on it first. You can do that with your marketing and see how word of mouth works even in the digital age.

Social proof

In the pre-internet era, a new store, service, or product was growing not only through traditional advertising, but also through satisfied customers passing on the enjoyment of the news to others. wonder. Plus, then like today, any endorsement by celebrities or popular personalities is a bonus. It’s even more powerful now that we have online marketing because consumers are looking for social proof – that is, proof that the product they are considering has a place in the world of social media. This is what spawned the next generation of influencers, but you can do it on your own with careful planning and careful online marketing.

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The above is just six ways you can use customers’ natural desire to be happy and satisfied with the products and services they purchase, so take a close look at your marketing materials and online content right now and see how you will. can use them. features to boost your business.

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