7 Netflix Canceled Series That Deserve Another Chance


The streaming service Netflix It is currently the largest in the world with around 204 million subscribers, so movements within its catalog often have an impact on its audience. The platform has been responsible for the last two years to abruptly close several important series, which should have a new opportunity. How are you 7 that we bring you today!

+ Netflix canceled series that deserves another chance

– The end of the Fxxxing world

After two seasons, it was announced that he was not going to have a sequel, since his screenwriter, Charlie Covell, assured that he had no intention of making a third installment. On Rotten Tomatoes he has a 93% approval rating, so from the start he had positive approval from critics, as well as the public, who were hungry for more adventures with James and Alyssa.

– Tuca and Bertie

Lisa Hanawalt, one of the creators of BoJack Horseman, has embarked on a new animation project with a Girls-style show, albeit much more acidic and critical. Such a product still stands out in humor, but it was finally decided to cancel it. However, the fans were asking for more, since it was a female production, on female characters, with creators, and it was considered fundamental within the catalog.

– Monarch

One of the most acclaimed Mexican series of recent years ended after two seasons with its unfinished story. So far no explanation has been given, but the truth is that viewers have virtually mobilized via social media to demand a return that does not seem possible.

– Jupiter’s legacy

It arrived on the platform being one of the big promises of the year, and in fact it achieved the expectations with the good reception of the public and the press. However, the creator of the comic it is based on, Mark Millar, said the next steps were completely different from what Netflix thought, and that’s why it was canceled.

– The society

This sci-fi show consists of a universe in which all the adults in a city disappear and the teenagers must take control of a paranormal mystery. In principle, there was a plan for a second part because of his good grades, but COVID-19 and his problems on the recording set ended the story anytime soon.

– Shine

Just as Tuca and Bertie captured the hearts of female audiences, Glow undoubtedly also did it by featuring a group of actresses who are part of a wrestling show. The main reason for its cancellation is due to the Coronavirus pandemic, since Netflix could not afford the expenses of filming the fourth season.

Maybe if we search for the name on a social media today, we’ll get some new fan posts asking for it to come back. Anne With an E is one of the most painful games, since its story had captivated a large part of the public around the world, but for contractual reasons between the streaming and the Canadian television channel of which it was the origin , it was decided to reach an abrupt end. If there are versions of a possible renewal, there is nothing official yet.


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