Anxiety? Liza Soberano, Psychology Major, Shares Mental Health Tips

MANILA, Philippines – In addition to the pandemic and the lockdown, the shutdown of ABS-CBN has also taken its toll on actress Liza Soberano’s mental health.

“Since I was in my 40s I had been paying so much attention to it (the renewal of the ABS-CBN franchise) that I started to get anxious and upset that I absolutely didn’t no control, “the star confessed in a recent interview with and other media after its launch as a new Nivea Sponsor.

In addition to losing projects due to the franchise denial of her home network, Liza cannot reopen her spa business due to lockdown restrictions.

“Unfortunately, I was unable to open Hope Wellness. It’s still hard for us. We are always thinking of ways to be there for our loyal customers, ”she explained.

“We were really planning on going back to working with all security protocols and thinking about ways to promote a safe environment for our customers. “

Aside from cooking, what keeps her sane during the ongoing pandemic is back to school.

“Being a psychology student helps me understand what’s going on inside and how I feel about things,” enthused Liza, who started taking a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Southville International. School and Colleges in 2018.

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As a psychology student, here’s what she’s learned from her class so far that she wants to share with anyone who experiences anxiety similarly.

Take it day by day

“Take it day by day. Right now we are facing a lot of crises and I think we all need a downtime and reset our minds, hearts and emotions, ”Liza advised.

Don’t be afraid to speak up but choose your fights

“I’m the type of person who really stands up for what I believe in and I have decided to make the choice to stand up for what I believe in too. Before, I wasn’t that vocal just because I was afraid of what people were going to say, “said the actress who had fought for her network’s franchise.

“I guess I gained the trust of other people I love and other women I admire like Ate Angel Locsin, Ate Bea Alonzo. When I saw them fight it encouraged me to fights me.

Nonetheless, Liza made it clear that while it’s important to say what you think to let go of what’s going on inside, she stressed that you have to think first and not just post anything. either on social networks by impulse.

“I realized that I have to choose my battles and what I’m really trying to win,” she said.

“The way I fight is through emotions, I guess. It can also be a bad way, so you better weigh things before you speak… I really think about what I’m saying because I know that my words can impact a lot of people… I also make sure to keep an eye on younger women, the younger generation, so I can inspire the right way.

Today, she uses her voice to fight for children’s rights.

“I don’t know everything about the world, none of us do. But I am trying to understand as best as possible the situation we are facing and I do my best to find out what my real opinion is on this matter… It is important to put aside your prejudices and re-educate yourself to truly understand in your core. Think for yourself. “

Take a break from social media

While social media has been a powerful platform, especially for highly-followed celebrities like Liza, the star also makes sure to take a break from it every now and then.

“What I’ve tried the last few days is trying to take some time with social media. I would love to educate, but at the same time I would like to keep my mind and you can only do that by really focusing on the things that make you happy at the same time. It is therefore important to take a break between the two, but always to educate yourself.

Help yourself first before helping others

If you find yourself overwhelmed by issues, Liza suggested that you take a break to pamper and appreciate yourself.

“If I have to spend time thinking about a lot of things, I should first take this time taking care of myself because it is when I am whole and complete that I can help others,” he enthuses. -she.

“It’s important to have a balanced lifestyle by eating the right food, drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep, and even exercising.”

Even though she’s just home most of the time, she always makes sure to take care of her skin.

“And it’s important that you don’t do it as a chore. Do it naturally, don’t be lazy to do it, ”she urged.

“As we’ve been using a lot of alcohol lately, you can see how dry and damaged your skin is and that’s why I choose skin care products because they can take care of my skin effectively without dry it out. Honestly, I take a lot more care of my skin now than before, mainly because I see a lot of people doing it online as well. So when I wake up in the morning, I wash my face. Sometimes I don’t wash my face pan nga. I just use Nivea Micellar Cleanser as my skin dries out very easily. The micellar cleanser does not remove the natural oils that my skin needs.

Liza also drinks plenty of water and eats more antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, as antioxidants can help reduce stress.

Have a good support system

Most importantly, Liza said it was important to seek counseling to prevent anxiety.

“We have also been taught in psychology that we are not allowed to counsel people we really know because we cannot put aside our prejudices and beliefs and / or how we perceive them, so it is best to consult a foreigner, ”she said. noted.

As such, according to her, she could be very biased in the assessment of her boyfriend Enrique Gil.

“I always consult it in a friendly manner, but not as a professional!

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