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Every day, according to Lexington’s Alexis Brooks, people have experiences they can’t explain. That’s where she comes in. Brooks is a podcast host, author, and expert on paranormal and metaphysical phenomena. She is also featured on the new History Channel show “The Proof Is Out There”. We spoke with Brooks about her work, how she copes with skepticism and more.

You are described as a seeker of paranormal or metaphysical activity. What does it mean? What are you doing?

People often tell me this. I’m actually a journalist by trade. I started on local radio but have always had a penchant for writing. My favorite genre has always been to study big questions, the nature of reality. With that come phenomena, things that happen to a lot of people, including myself. I grew up in what I call an alternative home. My parents would talk about things like reincarnation, the afterlife and other “weirdos”.

I have researched what I generally call the nature of reality for many years. I was fortunate to understand how to turn a solid journalistic experience into a new career by writing about these things. It has gained momentum over the years because so many people have weird experiences and don’t have a place to put them. They are looking for resources, they want to say “hey, I’m not crazy, it happens to others too”. Basically I would just say that the work I do is about personal transformation and the potential of human beings.

Are you skeptical about what you are doing? How do you respond to that?

Well, I travel all over the world normally, I talk to so many people, and I actually have no problem bringing up these topics when people ask me what I’m doing. I am not lambasted or criticized. More than anything, people tell me “Hey, come over here, I want to tell you a story that I’ve never told anyone before.” The laughter factor wasn’t there, not for me. It’s the truth. Most people have had one or two experiences that fall into the realm of the unknown.

What types of experiences are we talking about?

Everything from a near death experience to an out-of-body experience or feeling like you are leaving your physical body in a way. It happens to millions of people. I have had a lot of people who have spoken to me about speaking to their loved ones in spirit. I remember a woman telling me that her deceased grandmother came to the foot of her bed. People will come to me and say ‘you won’t believe it’, and I laugh. I have heard of everything on the face of the planet. I am also fascinated by extraterrestrial life, non-human intelligence. It has recently been recognized by the general public in places like “The New York Times” that our governments cover these things.

Was there a time in your past when the switch flipped, where you really bought into these ideas?

No. It was from the start. I’ve had my own experiences and rather than deciding that I don’t want to watch this, I decided to use it as an impetus to explore how reality works. Even in my young mind, this is how I thought. I was fortunate enough to grow up in an open-minded home, my dad was an MIT scientist and my mom was a teacher. They talked about these things. There was never anything to buy, it’s all part of my experience.

Tell us about the new show you’ll be on.

“The Proof is Out There” premiered on January 5th and I’m in about three or four episodes. That’s 10 episodes in total on the History Channel, and it’s the first season. Two episodes will air every Tuesday for the next two weeks. The show is called The concept is that we watch pictures of phenomena, anything that deals with things like UFO sightings or apocalyptic sounds or other “believe it or not” type of stuff. I am part of a team of experts who are asked to discuss what we see in their context, what the phenomena can be compared to. And then there are other analysts, scientists, who come to either demystify or support the validity of what we see. It is an investigative dive into the images to determine if they are true or false.

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