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Compared to 27% of the general population

Alden Mitchell Budill, CrispThe head of global partnerships and content strategy, shared some of the company’s market research at the Acceleration Japan (A-JAPAN) industry showcase event on Thursday. According to the survey, only 6% of Gen Z don’t know what anime is, compared to 27% of the general population.

Budill sees potential in the expansion of adult-oriented animation, describing anime as a visually appealing way to present content across genres. “It encompasses almost the entire media landscape within a singular art form,” she said. “People use anime beyond the screen to point out things about their own personalities. Young people know what we are doing and they are in it.

She also described her role at the company, saying she helps determine which titles Crisp should authorize, as well as determine how the company can produce and own its own original IPs. She works with the anime industry in Japan as well as with international companies such as Apple, Google, Sony, and Xbox for distribution agreements.

The A-JAPAN event highlighted six IPs from entertainment company Amuse Group for overseas providers. The company hopes to sell the adaptation and / or remake rights. The featured titles include the following manga series: Kengo Hanazawa‘s I am a hero, Ryu Yasohachi‘s Immortal Dogs, and Kaoru Tada‘s Itazura na Kiss.

Source: A-JAPAN showcase

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