Families Affected by Huntersville Eye Cancer Research Group Hope Research Funding Approved


HUNTERSVILLE, NC – There is renewed hope for families affected by a mysterious group of eye cancer in Huntersville.

North Carolina lawmakers included $ 150,000 in research funding in the House’s proposed budget.

Families hope the money won’t be cut until it reaches Governor Cooper’s office.

Sue Colbert lost her daughter Kenan seven years ago to ocular melanoma.

“She was 23 when she was diagnosed. In the prime of life, healthy and athletic, ”says Colbert.

Since then, she and her family have fought for answers as to the cause of the rare cancer that affects so many young women in the Huntersville area.

“We just never gave up hope that there wouldn’t be a miracle in our path. And when that didn’t happen, it changed our lives, ”says Colbert.

Research money is depleted, but there is hope that more may be on the way in the House’s proposed budget.

Colbert is cautiously optimistic.

“That money, $ 150,000, was there two years ago, and then this budget was never approved,” Colbert said.

State Senator Natasha Marcus said there is no reason why research funding should not be a bipartisan issue that everyone supports.

“I think everyone who has been affected by ocular melanoma wants to know why. And all residents who are concerned about this happening to them or their children want to know how to avoid it in the future, ”says Marcus.

“” I’m just trying to make sure we look at all the possibilities. We don’t want another parent to have to go down this route or be a member of this club we belong to, ”Colbert said.

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