Fortnite Season 8: Naruto, The Foundation and more details revealed


Content creator qCandywing was able to meet in person recently Donald Mustard, creative director of Epic games. In a private conversation, Mustard revealed important details about the Season 8 of Fortnite influencer, like the arrival of the Naruto skin in the new season, or the return of The foundation, the head of The seven. We tell you all below:

Fortnite Season 8: Naruto, The Foundation and more details revealed

On Monday, September 6, 2021, Donald Mustard, Creative Director of Epic Games, uploaded this short video clip to his Twitter account, where he said he met influencer qCandywing in person:

In the tweet, Mustard claims that qCandywing had “the best questions about FortniteA few hours later, the influencer opened a live on Twitch in which he had several important facts about season 8 of the Fortnite Chapter 2 Battle Pass, we understand this with the approval of Donald Mustard and Epic Games.

Among these details, he confirmed that Naruto will arrive in season 8 of chapter 2 of Fortnite. We remind you that it has already been disclosed that Epic Games wanted to bring Naruto in the test documents from that company and Apple.

On the other hand, qCandywing also claims that asked Mustard to sum up, in a nutshell, the Season 8 trailer. Mustard’s response was “The water“It would not be relevant except for one detail: In the trailer for Season 7, at the end of it, we can see how The Foundation, the frontman of The Seven, who was trapped inside Zero Point, fell into the sea. after the attack of an alien mothership on La Aguja. You can see this from 1:15:

In other words: The Foundation will return, at least, in the Fortnite Season 8 story trailer.

As of yet, we don’t know anything else about the near-term future of Fortnite Battle Royale. The event Operation: Sky on Fire will take place on Sunday, September 12 at 10 p.m. CEST and will end Season 7.

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