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FFormer actor and politician Jinggoy Estrada (center) files his certificate of candidacy for the Senate on October 3. Also pictured are (left) the former vice mayor of San Juan and his daughter, Janella Estrada, and Jinggoy’s wife, Precy Ejercito.

Actor-politician Jinggoy Estrada is a public servant like no other.

Even as a young boy, the former senator always knew that public service was his calling. Being the eldest son of Joseph Estrada, a popular film actor who had a long political career that included distinguished terms as mayor, senator and president of the Philippines, Jinggoy knew he was destined to follow in his father’s footsteps. .

Although he also tried to play himself, Jinggoy started to throw his hat in the political arena at an early age. At just 25 years old, Jinggoy was already vice-mayor of his hometown of San Juan City, where his father was the oldest and best-known mayor. Soon after, Jinggoy became the youngest local chief executive in the country, just before turning 30.

For three consecutive terms, the man nicknamed “Anak ng Masa” transformed San Juan into one of the most progressive and peaceful municipalities in the Philippines. Having led projects and programs for the economic, social, political and cultural affairs of the city, it is no surprise that he won the trust and admiration of his fellow CEOs when he was elected president. National League of Municipalities of the Philippines. from 1998 to 2001.

This enabled Mayor Jinggoy to showcase his impressive skills in public administration at the national level. Recognizing the potential of local government units as reliable partners in nation building, Mayor Jinggoy was at the forefront of many programs that empower local government units (LGUs) and help secure and produce better and more modern service facilities in at least 1,525 municipalities.

At the end of his third term and with San Juan now a highly urbanized metropolis, Mayor Jinggoy was already looking forward to bigger things to come. The year 2004 marked a new beginning for young Estrada as he entered the first of his two six-year terms as Senator of the Republic. He immediately got to work and, in no time, gained a reputation as one of the hardest-working and prolific lawmakers in the country.

During his time in the Senate, Senator Jinggoy served as President pro tempore of the Senate and chaired the Senate Committee on Labor, Employment and Human Resources and the Congressional Oversight Committee on Labor and Labor. ’employment as well as a member of many other committees, including the Appointments Committee.

As a legislator, Senator Jinggoy introduced hundreds of bills during his two terms. More than 600 of these bills were tabled in the 16e congress from 2013 to 2016, many of which have been attributed to him as principal author. Most of its priority bills were aimed at improving and strengthening policies affecting our workforce and foreign workers abroad, empowering our local government units, protecting and preserving our freedom of expression and meeting and promote the well-being of young people.

One of the landmark laws of which he himself is the primary author is Republic Law 10361 or simply known as Kasambahay Law, or the Law Promoting the Interests and Welfare of Domestic Workers in the Philippines because it establishes prescribed standards, privileges and rights that benefit them.

Senator Jinggoy also sponsored and successfully led the adoption of the PESO or RA 10691 law, the SPES or RA 10917 law, the strengthening of the NLRC or RA 10741, the lifting of the ban on night work for women or RA 10151, among others. He also actively participated in the development of other important measures such as the AML law, the amendments to the National Tax Code on E-VAT and excise tax, the national budget, the synchronized elections of Barangay and Saskatchewan, ratifying the International Labor Organization’s Forced Labor Convention.

Even with all of these accomplishments and not counting his equally remarkable accolades as an actor, Senator Jinggoy believes his work as a public servant is far from over. On September 29, 2021, he officially announced he was running for a Senate again in next year’s national elections.

“Mga kababayan, mga kasama, mga ka-masa, ako po si Jinggoy, buong puso kong inihahayag ang intensyong makibahagi sa malinis na halalan upand maging senador muli,” Jinggoy said in a personal address posted on Facebook Live.

By seeking a new mandate and adopting the new slogan “Aaksyon para sa masa”, Senator Jinggoy hopes “to help solve the fundamental problems and challenges facing the country within the framework of the new normal”. He hopes to achieve this by developing new legislation focused on food security, job creation, health system strengthening and ensuring equitable access, youth empowerment, modernized agricultural sector, digital economy strong and robust, sustainable environmental protection and adaptable and accessible quality education.

Senator Jinggoy also hopes to be the author or co-author of measures focusing on strengthening local governments for full decentralization and more sustainable developments in areas outside the NCR.



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