Malaga – Costa del Sol | Back to normal for the weather after near record temperatures this weekend

Malaga experienced the hottest weather in mainland Spain this weekend. / on

Highs in Malaga city and Coín were near 33C on Sunday, but it’s too early to put away winter clothes, meteorologists say

The Easter weekend weather was everything anyone could have wished for, but things are getting back to normal this week. On Sunday, the city of Malaga and Coín, at 32.9C and 32.8C respectively, were the hottest places in mainland Spain, close to April’s record, which was 33C in 2002 .

However, the weather agency Aemet warns that it is still too early to put away winter clothes. A new front pushing from the northwest of the country will cause temperatures to drop further from today, Monday, when no more than 25C can be expected, and there could be some midweek showers. Minimum temperatures will be around 15C.

As José Luis Escudero predicts on his blog Tormentas y Rayos at SUR, the wind will turn east today with moderate to strong gusts on the coast, starting in the east of the country, “and this will cause a drop in temperature,” he says. Then on Tuesday, the wind will return to the west.

Aemet says the weather will be cloudier from Wednesday with temperatures dropping (to a high of 18C in Malaga city) and the possibility of light rain on the coast.

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