New research in sociology and Trump’s claim to be a victim of Letitia James’ (alleged) racism against white people

A judge has ruled New York Attorney General Letitia James can directly question former President Donald Trump as well as Don Jr. and Ivanka Trump about Trump’s business practices. It suggests it’s time to take a recent claim by Mr Trump about Ms James seriously. Did she act against him out of blatant, anti-white racism? This is what he suggested on January 29.

That day, at a Save America rally in Conroe, Texas, Mr. Trump said of Ms. James and two other black prosecutors who were after him: “These prosecutors are vicious, horrible people. . They are racists and they are very sick, they are mentally sick.

Oh, poor, pitiful him – though, to be fair, he’s probably not the only voice of confidence crying out from a supposedly disadvantaged distance. In 2016, a Washington Post-NBC poll found that white people think anti-white racism is on the rise. Mr. Trump’s distress joints may be special, however, in at least one way. Because he’s a regular liar, there’s little reason to believe that even he buys his woe is me claim.

New research from California State University, San Bernardino, Professor Emily Carian, could help explain why Mr Trump claims to be a victim of racism. In an article titled “No Seat at the Party: Mobilizing White Masculinity in the Men’s Rights Movement,” Dr. Carian explains that she conducted in-depth, semi-structured interviews with 31 self-identified men’s rights activists. From these interviews, she learned that they often misunderstand complaints about structural racism and sexism. They “hear” comments about inequality in society at large as personal attacks on them. From this type of error, a cascade of internal reactions ensues that opens them up to easy manipulation by conservative political strategists like Mr. Trump.

As she explained in a recent Zoom interview, a common theme in American culture associates privilege with immorality and oppression. She told me that the association is harmful to the men’s rights activists she interviewed, because they want to be seen as having earned their enchanted life, not being born into them because of their gender and their skin color. Trying to shake off any taint that being called lucky entails, many join other white men in internet groups, where they soothe each other’s hurt pride and bolster the rhetoric of the other. Merely being on the internet in large numbers makes them easy targets for the mobilization of savvy far-right media puppeteers.

I asked Dr. Carian if Mr. Trump might be one of those media-savvy puppeteers. Could he have claimed to be a victim of racism so that he could return to full awareness of the mistaken beliefs of white misogynists that they were personally attacked? By posing as a victim of “vicious and horrible people” on the left, could he have pulled the strings as a vicious and horrible person on the right?

“Sometimes right-wing manipulators take advantage of a deep disconnect between how men’s rights activists see themselves and how they think others see them,” she offered. “Feminists and anti-racists know that identifying the structural privileges enjoyed by men and white people is not the same as identifying white men in general as ‘evil’. But many men’s rights activists resent the distinction. Ironically, banding together in online communities to reassure themselves that they are “good” people can pair them with “bad” right-wing actors. »

At the Save America rally, Mr. Trump not only claimed to have personally experienced racism, but he suggested that the ultimate victims in America are white people in general. He punctuated his assertion: “These prosecutors are vicious and horrible people. They’re racists and they’re very sick, they’re mentally ill,” with “Actually, they’re not after me. They are after you.

I like to imagine the “you” in that last sentence written in all caps. This is because what the former President of the United States has done is state loud and clear to white people in general that senior officials in the US government are shooting every single one of them. He may not have told anyone to grab a gun and shout “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity!” “. Even so, at the very least, it made loud, pro-revolutionary noises.

Of course, it wasn’t the first time. Now, however, if he ever manages to get his new social media platform, Truth Social, working properly, he could finally have his dream job. It’s no secret that Mr. Trump didn’t care about the hard work that the presidency normally demands. If Truth Social gives him an easier way to gain fans, he could be the fat, happy emcee of the race wars, or even the downfall of democracy itself. And, man-oh-man, would that pull in ad revenue.

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