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On Halloween, a new movie and documentary about Paranormal Activity will be released on the streaming platform. Check out the trailer here and find out what has been confirmed so far by Paramount +.


© IMDbParamount + to release new Paranormal Activity movie with documentary

14 years have passed since the hand of Oren game the first film of Paranormal activity, the story loaded with suspended which follows the lives of families who live in homes where inexplicable events occur and which are recorded by the security cameras themselves. Its success and the public reception exceeded expectations and thus a horror franchise which adds more and more bands to its list. In the last few hours it has been confirmed premiere date and preview of this new opus which will arrive soon for a streaming platform. Check Out the Trailer Here!

Is about Paramount +, which is already starting to think about the terrifying content that will premiere during the month of October on the occasion of Halloween. But this film will not be the only production that renews the saga: simultaneously a documentary film which will tell the whole creative process of the premiere which would skip its stage in the cinemas to directly access the Paramount application. They recently confirmed that their name will be Paranormal activity: next of kin and got dimension R.

With the arrival of the first preview of the film, its release date has also been set for October 29. During a press conference, the programming director of ViacomCBS, Ask Gilles, he assured: “A new paranormal activity from Paramount Players should give fans a unexpected reinvention from the beloved horror franchise. We’ll also be releasing a documentary on the making of the film and the two will arrive at the facility in time for Halloween.”.

Thus, the streaming platform will have exclusive access to the seventh film in the franchise. As rumored in February this year, it has been confirmed that the director will be William Eubank and that the script will be responsible for Christophe Landon. Originally, Paranormal Activity 7 was slated for release in March 2021, but the impact of the pandemic in coronavirus delayed plans.

As for his cast, he will be the star Emily Bader, Roland Buck III, Dan Lippert and Henry Ayers-Brown. We still don’t know exactly what its plot will be about, because in the series of films released so far, the story has gone back and forth to generate the connections between the characters in each of the feature films.

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