Police arrest 9 drug, warrant, shoplifting subjects at Brick Blvd. Wawa


BRICK – Police in the Township of Brick were much busier than usual last week, according to a statement released by the department.

A total of nine people were arrested and charged with various crimes in the area of ​​a known crime hotspot, the Wawa neighborhood on Brick Boulevard.

On the evening of Tuesday, November 12, officers observed three men selling perfume in the parking lot of the Wawa. A subsequent investigation revealed that one of the subjects, Andres Rodriquez, 26, from East Brunswick, had an active arrest warrant.

Officers took Rodriquez into custody and released the others on their engagement with subpoenas for unlicensed solicitation.

That same night, officers observed Shannon Kieffer, 33, of Toms River, taking goods from the Wawa without paying for them. She then left the store and got into the backseat of a vehicle and left the scene.

Officers stopped Kieffer’s vehicle and discovered that she was also in possession of a legendary prescription drug. Further investigation revealed that Tyler Bartholomew, 26, of The Brick had a controlled synthetic dangerous substance and a container with someone else’s urine. In addition to the drug charges, he was charged with possession of a device to defraud the administration of a drug test.

The arrests did not stop Tuesday night, police said. On the morning of Friday, November 15, four other people were apprehended by the police.


Officers observed that a drug transaction was taking place in the same area as the previous incidents. Eugene Samuels, 39, of Toms River, and Ashley Rose, 33, of Toms River have been charged with several counts of possession of a legendary prescription drug. In addition, Samuels was charged with possession with intent to distribute. Both were held in the Ocean County Jail, awaiting a court hearing.

Shortly thereafter, police noticed a vehicle entering the Wawa parking lot and the driver entering the store, leaving with a sample of coffee. K-9 Constable Scott Smith observed driver Renee Simonovich, 32, of The Brick talking on her cell phone while she was driving and triggered a traffic stop accordingly. It was discovered that she had a plethora of drugs and paraphernalia. She was arrested and charged with possession of crack, methadone, heroin and paraphernalia with intent to distribute.

While in the same area, officers observed a subject who had previously been on their radar, Jason Feliciano, 32, of Manchester. Officers knew Feliciano’s driver’s license had been suspended and he had an active arrest warrant. Officers moved in and subsequently found legendary prescription drugs in his possession, adding charges to his record.

On Saturday, November 16, officers arrested two more subjects.

Ronnie Ferrigno, 29, of Berkeley Township, has been placed under arrest for shoplifting from the Wawa. He was educated and then released on summons.

Officers also observed a male subject distributing controlled hazardous substances. An investigation resulted in the discovery of legendary prescription drugs and evidence of shoplifting. Albert Pettit, 33, of Jackson, was arrested and charged with distributing and possessing a legendary prescription drug and shoplifting; he is housed in the Ocean County Jail.

A “prescription legend drug” is a drug that, by law, can only be obtained with a prescription and is labeled with “Caution: Federal law prohibits dispensing without a prescription”. Some labels only have “RX” written on the bottle.

A total of nine people were arrested on various charges, all originating from the same location: 116 Brick Boulevard – Wawa. This area has become increasingly prevalent in crime, according to police. An additional police presence has resulted in these arrests and hopes to send a clear message to those considering criminal activity in the township, a statement from James Riccio, police chief of the Township of Brick, said.

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