Popcorn rivers and new test subjects


The Good Place returns for its fourth and final season. As the final experiment begins, Eleanor and the team attempt to strategize on their new topics.

As we move towards The right placein season four, can we take a moment to love and appreciate all of these characters? No? We just need to jump right into the action? OKAY!

Summary and analysis not so short

“I can summon philosophy books like Thor’s hammer!” Chidi exclaims as Eleanor shows her around her new home. And yes, he can reach out, think of a book, and he’ll fly off the shelves.

The good places and the bad both give inspiring speeches about how they will each win right before the last test subjects appear: Linda and Brent. Linda is bland and Brent is a talkative jerk.

And then Simone finds out during the welcome video – or at least thinks she’s in a coma and none of it is real. It’s a problem because, if she thinks it’s not real, she won’t get better.

THE RIGHT PLACE – “A Girl from Arizona” Episode 401/402 – Pictured: (left to right) Kristen Bell as Eleanor, Ted Danson as Michael, Jameela Jamil as Tahani, D’Arcy Carden as Janet – (Photo by: Colleen Hayes / NBC)

Which means they have to introduce her to Chidi to help her figure out where she is. Eleanor fights against this until Michael points out that Chidi sacrificed her memories to help them all.

Simone doesn’t believe it, so the Soul Squad focuses their efforts on animating Linda… who ends up becoming a threat, making her way through the neighborhood and throwing people into the air.

It turns out it’s a demon secretly sent from the Bad Place! The judge makes Chidi the fourth subject and threatens Shawn again if he interferes (she’ll rip his eyelids out and have him watch heartwarming videos of soldiers returning home with their dogs).

Favorite moments and lines

There is an excellent feud between Jason and Derek. He even has his own “Watch out, I’ve been murdered!” And it’s “Watch out, I was Derek!”

I can’t imagine this little side story will last more than a handful of episodes. But while it lasts, let’s enjoy the rivalry. Because it’s literally two dum-dums vying for the love of a not-a-robot-not-a-girl Janet. You know it will only get worse from here.

Plus, the look on Shawn’s face after the judge said how she would torture him if he stepped in again is pic Marc Evan Jackson.

Now that Chidi is the last test subject, will it help them convert Simone to their side without knowing it? Or will he just pull them into each other’s arms? we will have to see what The right place has in store.

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