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A new excerpt from the book has revealed how Prince William is trying to make life normal for his children and get rid of ‘stuffy’ costumes. In her new book ‘Brokers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown’, author Valentine Low reveals a series of startling revelations and fascinating details about the royal family – not the least of which is how Prince William tried to keep things less “stuffy” for her children.

William and Kate’s children – George, nine, Charlotte, seven and Louis, four – would be allowed to ‘run around the office’, while staff are allowed to dress ‘casually’.

In an excerpt from the recently published book, Mr Low explains: “When William and Kate’s children were young and the family divided their time between Anmer Hall in Norfolk and Kensington Palace, William told his staff that he didn’t want them to wear suits. when they were in the office.

The author adds that a family member told him, “He wants it to be laid back. The kids are running around the office and he doesn’t want it to be stuffy.

“If we have important meetings or if we go to Buckingham Palace, then of course we [wear suits].”

The practice, writes Mr Low, began with casual Fridays, until William told staff that unless important people were coming for meetings they could dress casual. He allegedly said to them, “This is where my family lives.”

Mr Low noted: ‘It didn’t matter what they were wearing’.

But it wasn’t just in terms of dress codes that Prince William was looking to make a difference in his office. The author describes how when Ed Perkins, who worked as press secretary for Prince Harry and Prince William, asked to move from Buckingham Palace to Kensington Palace, he was pushed aside for a “quiet word”.

He was reportedly asked, “We just want to check. You went to a comprehensive school, didn’t you? »

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Mr Perkins confirmed he had, with Mr Low commenting that it had been “the right answer”.

Commenting on William and Kate’s parenting style after their relationship with their children was on full display during the Platinum Jubilee, royal expert Jennie Bond said OK! “I think William and Catherine are doing a good job of giving their children as much of a normal upbringing as possible.

“Family dynamics seem to be very normal. They have both, William in particular, spoken before about the importance of mental health and giving their children the emotional intelligence and the space to tell their parents how they feel. are feeling and what their emotions are.”

Ms Bond added that Kate and William follow ‘modern’ parenting ideas, saying: ‘I’ve read that they have a very modern way of parenting where, instead of putting your child on the wrong path, you allow have your child explain why they feel how they are and have a conversation about it so they can express themselves and calm down that way.

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“The result seems to be that they are generally well-behaved children. Louis didn’t behave badly during Jubilee, but he was mischievous like four-year-olds are.”

Early childhood development is a key part of the Duchess of Cambridge’s royal work, with the future Queen establishing the Royal Foundation Center for Early Childhood. Kate undertook a working visit to Denmark earlier this year to find out more about how the UK can improve its support for parents and children.

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