Swim England North West will benefit from sports psychology at Lancaster University

Lancaster Medical School sports psychologist Dr Jenny Meggs diving into the water.

The partnership is aimed at aquatic athletes in order to optimize their performance and improve their mental health.

Lancaster Medical School sports psychologist Dr Jenny Meggs said managing emotions is vital if swimmers are not only going to compete but continue the sport.

She said: “This is not just for pre-elite athletes, but for all aquatic athletes, so that they have the basic psychological skills and abilities to maintain their long term commitment to sport.

“Success in water sport requires a strong commitment and in times of change or challenge it can test the resilience of athletes, parents and coaches. “

Dr Meggs was herself a National Youth GB finalist in distance freestyle events at the age of 12, so she understands the pressures young athletes face.

“I struggled with performance pressures and struggled to bounce back from mediocre races so I know how important it is to focus on athlete resilience.”

The partnership will include online workshops for coaches, parents and athletes on the following topics:

Basic psychological skills training

Mindfulness, resilience and fulfillment in the face of adversity

Psychological control and anxiety

Coaching Education: Creating Positive and Resilient Cultures and Holistic Athlete Development

Swim England North West is one of eight regions that make up Swim England, the national governing body for swimming, open water, masters, para-swimming, diving, water polo and artistic swimming in England.

David Burgham, Regional President of Swim England North West, said: “We are delighted to have this partnership with Lancaster University. It offers athletes, parents and coaches in the Northwest region opportunities to develop skills and techniques that may not be possible otherwise. This training can help develop all concerned. This opportunity also provides vital hands-on experience for students who may one day become sports psychologists within our aquatic community.

The partnership will also allow sport and exercise science students at Lancaster Medical School to benefit from internships, helping run workshops with Dr Meggs and working with athletes and coaches.

To register for the Lancaster University workshop, individuals must have a Swim England membership and be a member of a club affiliated with Swim England North West.

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