Tania Sánchez: “I went from pre-vet science to psychology and never looked back.”


Tania Sánchez, Dean of Graduate Studies Medalist for Fresno State’s Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, participated in the final opening on Friday.

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Tania Sánchez learns quickly.

She enrolled at Fresno State, determined to become a veterinarian.

“Since I was in kindergarten, whenever someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would always say veterinarian,” said Sánchez, 23. “I was really passionate about helping animals.”

She even got a job at the local SPCA to gain experience.

This passion stayed with her until her freshman year in college. “I discovered that medicine was not what I wanted to do. I’m not very good at chemistry, physics or math.

So, Sánchez figured his backup plan was “to move on to another interest that I did unconsciously, which is helping people.”

“I was always helping my friends coming into college with their class schedules and they were always like, ‘Man! You’re better than my advisor’ or ‘Why don’t you become an advisor?’

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Sánchez understood, why not?

“I went from pre-vet science to psychology and never looked back,” Sánchez said. “I do not regret it.”

On Saturday night, the Fresno native earned her master’s degree in counseling with an option in school counseling with a 4.0 GPA. She previously earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in communications from Fresno State.

She also earned the Dean’s Medal for the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management. Two years ago, she was a candidate for the Undergraduate Dean’s Medal.

This honor, Sánchez said, means a lot “because No. 1, I’m doing the job not to be recognized or for a medal. It’s me just being myself.

“I’m the one having the impact I want to have,” she said.

Tania Sánchez, Dean of Graduate Studies Medalist for Fresno State’s Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, was recognized on Friday. JUAN ESPARZA LOERA [email protected]

Sánchez participated in the beginning of the Kremen School of Education at the Save Mart Center.

She credits her first Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) counselor, Judy Clements, for inspiring her.

“I really like that feeling she gave me, and I want to be able to help students like she helped me.”

Sánchez, the youngest of four children born to Mexican immigrants (her father is from Michoacán, her mother from Nayarit), served as an intern counselor in the EOP program and worked with first-generation low-income students.

She was also an ambassador for the school counseling program as the recipient of the Dr. Benjamin and Marion Kremen scholarship.

Sánchez plans to take a break from school before pursuing a doctorate in instructional leadership. There’s a chance she’ll be working with the virtual Summer Bridge program this summer in the meantime.

She continues to learn Japanese, a language and culture that Sánchez began studying in high school.

“Japanese culture has always interested me. I think it’s so good to see how much our cultures differ,” said Sánchez, who went to Japan two years ago. “The Japanese love Mexican culture. This is so cool.”

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Dean’s medalist Tania Sánchez attended Fresno State’s 46th Chicano/Latino Launch Ceremony on Saturday, May 21 and celebrated with her family afterwards. She was the Dean’s Medalist for the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management. JUAN ESPARZA LOERA [email protected]

Sánchez, who speaks some Japanese and can read the language, hopes to be fluent by the time he returns to Japan.

Saturday was the first in-person graduation ceremony for Sánchez. The pandemic wiped out his undergraduate ceremony. His entire master’s program was online.

“I haven’t met any of my (graduate) teachers in person,” Sánchez said. “Schools closed the last semester of my undergraduate year.”

Sánchez said it was a problem because “I’m very talkative. I like to talk.

“With Zoom, it just didn’t allow me to make those connections, those friendships,” she said.

She did an in-person internship at Sanger High last semester, which allowed her to connect with another Fresno State intern.

Sánchez was looking forward to combining his undergraduate and graduate degrees on Friday and then attending Saturday’s Latino graduation celebration.

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“It’s a little more stressful because now I invite so many people to come and I have so many, especially now that I’ve been chosen as the Dean’s Medalist,” she said. “There are even more receptions, you know. So my schedule is quite busy.

Tania Sanchez

Honor: Dean’s Medal of the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

Family: Parents Luis Sánchez and Eva Becerra; siblings Carlos, Diana and Jocelyn Ramos

Born: Fresno

Age: 23

High school: University High School (2016)

Leisure: Reading, building computers, doing web design and graphic design

Music: ” That depends on my humor. I’m a complete geek and I listen to classical music most of the time. Recently I listened to today’s top hits, pop music, alternative rock or indie.

Food: Sushi

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