Ten Reasons Why OP Jindal Global University’s Jindal School of Psychology & Counseling is the Perfect Choice for Students Seeking Top-notch Undergraduate Education

In recent years, interest in psychology has flourished among students and employers, as the importance of understanding human behavior, cognitive processes, and mental health is increasingly recognized. OP Jindal World University (

JGU) – the first private university in India and the top ranked Indian university specializing in social sciences, arts and humanities, according to the QS 2021 World University Rankings – recently established its tenth school, the Jindal School of Psychology and Counseling (
). The school’s three-year undergraduate residential program concludes with an Honors BA in Psychology. Welcoming its first group of students in August 2021, JSPC is poised to nurture and educate the next generation of thought leaders in the field of psychology and related disciplines. Ten reasons summarized below illustrate why JSPC is the ideal choice for students seeking a leading and future-oriented education in the psychological sciences.


Students will learn from a diverse group of faculty members, graduates of some of the most prestigious educational institutes in India and abroad. All have distinguished backgrounds in academia, private practice or industry, as well as active research careers spanning psychological disciplines. Recognizing the challenges of the present day, JSPC professors will easily support and guide students in their academic pursuits.


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Since its inception, JGU has actively promoted interdisciplinarity in its schools and programs.
JSPC advances this vision, ensuring that students gain broad exposure to the many sub-disciplines of psychology, such as developmental, biology, cognition, and counseling, as well as psychology’s abundant links with other fields, including government, business, medicine, law, sports, art, and more.


The principles and psychological findings can be applied to virtually every aspect of life, from careers and relationships to physical and mental health. As far as, JSPC students will be exposed to 19 compulsory courses to ensure breadth of knowledge. Besides psychology, students can also choose from an eclectic mix of electives offered by the other nine schools in JGU. This carefully curated approach is designed to help students acquire knowledge and skills in a variety of psychology subjects, combined with basic academic writing and statistical skills.


Recognizing that students have different interests and aspirations, students (at the end of their second year) will choose from three streams of study: Experimental / Forensic, Consulting / Education, or Industrial / Organizational. Students will choose from a series of elective courses aligned with each track, providing specialized instruction based on student interest. In this way, students can customize the program according to their long-term professional goals.


JSPC supports the idea of ​​“learning by doing”. Practice-oriented learning is achieved through experiential learning techniques employed by instructors and practical placements. The latter makes it possible to link classroom teaching to active observation and assessment of subjects via disparate methodologies. Hands-on exposure is further fostered through internships at various hospitals, treatment centers, businesses, private organizations and non-governmental organizations, allowing students to apply classroom learning to the real world.

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Our academic partner, the Jindal Institute of Behavioral Sciences (
FOCUS) is a member of the prestigious Academic Council of United Nations Systems. JIBS focuses on critical areas of psychology and allied behavioral disciplines through a diverse and international group of eminent psychologists. It is dedicated to the understanding, development and application of human process skills through innovative learning strategies and fundamental research. JSPC and JIBS work with top national and international researchers to address critical issues of human behavior from a multidisciplinary perspective.


What sets the JSPC program apart is its emphasis on experimentation and research. Students will have the opportunity to engage with the Center for Research on Emotions and Cognition affiliated with JSPC. Students will also have the chance to interact with many centers and laboratories operated by JIBS, including the Center for Victimology and Psychological Studies, the Community Mental Health Center, the Forensic Laboratory and the Brain Behavior Laboratory. The latter will be complemented by a new JSPC experimental psychology laboratory, which is scheduled to open in 2022. All students will have ample opportunity to explore various lines of research in a variety of subjects.


JGU students benefit tremendously from the ongoing collaborations between faculty and institutions with eminent universities around the world. Student exchange programs and short-term study abroad opportunities will allow JSPC students to gain global experience and create comprehensive profiles as part of their undergraduate studies. Living and studying in a foreign country will also provide opportunities to expand language skills and social network, discover new cultures and perspectives, experience different teaching styles and impress future employers.

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The program is designed to equip students with the expertise necessary for their future success, whether they are entering the workforce or pursuing postgraduate studies in psychology or related disciplines. Students are given a broad foundation in the psychological sciences, enabling them to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to advance their personal and professional lives.


JGU sits on a modern and quaint campus with opportunities for peer interaction and community engagement. It has an active community of university students and professors, various student-run clubs and societies, and hosts various sporting and cultural events. JSPC students are sure to find something that matches their personal interests.

Definition of a new reference point. OP Jindal Global University established JSPC to provide students with an elite undergraduate program in Psychology and Counseling. Recognizing its contribution to raising the standards of higher education, the Indian government’s Department of Education designated JGU as an institution of Eminence (IOE) in 2020. This coveted appointment – freeing the university from regulatory controls to exercise full autonomy – is reserved for the top 10 public and private institutions in India, selected from over 1,000 universities.

Located in Sonipat, Delhi NCR, the campus was designed by award-winning French architect Stéphane Paumier and spans 80 acres of land, including 41 acres of lawns and gardens. Home to more than 6,600 students and 800 faculty members, JGU operates state-of-the-art classrooms and state-of-the-art facilities for accommodation, catering, sports, entertainment and healthcare. Together, JGU’s extensive facilities and global recognition will accentuate the academic experience of
JSPC students as they learn, deliberate, create and lead.

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Disclaimer: This article was produced on behalf of OP Jindal Global University by the Times Internet Spotlight team.

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