The origin of the Bermuda Triangle mystery


There are various mysteries that man cannot yet explain, and the Bermuda Triangle it is one of the best known. What happens to those who pass by and lose full contact with the rest of the world? This equilateral triangle, made up of the Bermuda Islands, Puerto Rico, and Miami, Florida, is 1.5 million square miles offshore and is a popular topic of conversation among conspiracy enthusiasts.

The first disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle

We have to go back to the year 1945, where the whole mystery began. A bunch of five US Navy planes, which was flying over the area, disappeared without a trace. To add to the strange event, a trace of a sixth device emergency that came to the rescue of the top five. Are 27 people never heard of again were the pioneers of the famous legend of this site.

Although before paying so much attention to said place, according to Charles Berlitz in his book ‘The Bermuda Triangle’ 1974, other boats in the area: the yacht ‘The Spray’, in 1909; the “SS Timandra”, in 1917, heading for Buenos Aires; and the “USS Cyclops”, in 1918, which was traveling from Baltimore to Brazil are some of the examples of strange events in the radius.

It was not until 1964 that the writer Vincent Gaddis designated the place for the first time as the “Bermuda Triangle” in an article for the magazine. ‘Pulp’. Although little by little he gained his name, since in 1950, journalist Edward Van Winkle Jones called it the “Devil’s Triangle”

Over the years, an attempt has been made to give a logical explanation for the strange disappearance of ships and planes. To calm the outcry generated across the world, Australian scientist Karl Kruszelnicki explained that in reality the number of boats and planes disappearing in the area it is the same as in other parts of the world, according to the percentages, because it is a very busy area.

In an interview with ACV Soul Heart and Life, José Antonio Ponseti pointed out that many disappearances have their origin in technical errors and that “In the 20’s, 30’s it was not difficult for you to get caught by a savage storm and find yourself at the bottom of the sea,” he closed.

Bermuda Triangles Theories

But even so, having a coherent explanation of the facts, some continue to bet on paranormal causes, and claim that one of these reasons is responsible for the disappearances:

  • A black hole. One of the most resonant reasons is the idea that there is a black hole in the sky or waters of the region that “absorbs” everything that passes through it and transports it to another dimension or area.
  • UFO. The most classic for all the facts that have no scientific basis: UFOs have arrived at the cause. That, or giant creatures.
  • The methane hydrates. A little by fantasy, others silver the presence of vast deposits of methane hydrates under the continental plates which, according to some authors, suddenly released in the form of giant gas bubbles of comparable size to that of the ship, could sink them. In the case of airplanes, this would alter the compasses or speedometers, causing them to sink as well.
  • Atlantis. According to Plato, the island had a power that allowed it to dominate Western Europe and North Africa. Its technology was the most advanced, but the gods decided to punish its pride by sinking it. But since it’s unclear whether this is a myth or a reality, the possibility that he was responsible for the Bermuda disappearances is much more remote.

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