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What we’re doing in Shadows 2 updates: Taika Waititi, the co-writer and producer of What We Do in the Shadows is still trying to make a sequel to the horror-based vampire comedy. Taika Waititi is still on her feet to do What We Do in the Shadows 2. Her original simulated horror comedy film was released in 2014.

It was co-written and directed by Waititi and Jemaine Clement. They star in this film alongside many actors like Jonathan Brugh, Ben Fransham, Cori Gonzalez Macuer, Stu Rutherford and Jackie van Beek. The story revolves around a group of vampires who are roommates in an apartment staying together in Wellington, New Zealand.

They each possessed supernatural powers, but they compromise to stay between their vampiric customs and human customs. This film inspired two TV spin-offs in one that bears the same name simultaneously. Another spin-off is called Wellington Paranormal, which follows the police officers featured in the original film.

There has been some gossip related to the What We Do in the Shadows sequel to this title. On the one hand, the title was What We Do in the Moonlight, which was later approved to be We Are Wolves. The story was meant to revolve around the werewolves from the first movie. But Waititi teased audiences whether or not the sequel was coming out.

What we do in the shadows 2: what Taika Waititi shared?


According to Wired reports, Waititi still has her string tied in the What We Do in the Shadows sequel. He’s also tied for an animated remake of Flash Gordon, two animated series for Netflix and a live-action adaptation of Akira. Waititi said he enjoyed keeping busy because he was fortunate enough to be actively working in the industry.

What We Do in the Shadows turned out to be a big hit on the big screen as well as on TV. But that’s not just his best-selling property, he won his Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay in 2020 for Jojo Rabbit. It has also been nominated twice, once for Best Picture of the Year for Jojo Rabbit and another for 2005 Two Cars, One Night for Best Short Film, Live Action. Waititi also worked with Marvel in the making of Thor: Ragnarok and he wrote and directed the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder sequel.

Since Waititi is with Hollywood, it would be very difficult to do What We Do in the Shadows. But it’s great to hear that he’s still attached to this movie. The original is an incredible mock documentary in which its hilarious and crisp jokes to establish a world. Thankfully, We’re Wolves ended up being made, but there’s no update on the progress made in making this sequel. Stay tuned for more updates….

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